Sunday, November 9, 2014

Section 36 and the #BYBHub

If you've looked at the sidebar of this here blog recently, you noticed a new graphic for the "BYB Hub"

"What on earth is that?" you may have asked.

I'm glad you did.

BYB Hub is the brainchild of Robert Casey, the fine creator of the "Bleeding Yankee Blue" blog. (I know. It's OK. Really) His idea was to create a spot where baseball blogs could all be listed so that people could be exposed to them at one shot. So, after you read this blog and enjoy it thoroughly, but want to see other great blogs to read, click on the picture in the sidebar, and check out some of the blogs listed on the BYB Hub.

(Unless, of course, you've already been to the BYB Hub, and that's how you got here in the first place. In that case, "Welcome!" I'm glad you decided to visit. Enjoy your stay, and check out all the great things Section 36 has to offer! Did you see the pix or the scorecard? Don't forget to like me, and follow me, and follow me so you don't miss anything.)

About that one word that's been such an elephant in the room. Yeah, I was a little nervous too when a Yankees blog asked me to participate in the Hub. But, Bleeding Yankees Blue is a good read. Plus, there's that saying about keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer. So, I figure there's a benefit from giving the Hub an alternate voice. Don't you? Besides, he plans on adding blogs from all baseball angles eventually. Plus, it's not like the Hub has a pinstripe motif, or anything. (Have to admit I was a bit worried about that when I first opened the graphic)

So, I certainly hope you'll be visiting Section 36 every day. After you do, check out BYB Hub to find something else to read.

And then come back here when you're done.

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